Our Projects

A Multi-National publisher of "Part Works" Manufacturing in China and book printing in Vietnam.

They have a rolling forecast of deliveries to 22 European countries. Each product is produced in 22 different languages.

Logistic Brothers:
Arranges collection from our clients chosen manufactures. Compile books and "gifts" and arranges mail packaging materials.

The individual orders are uploaded onto our back end systems. We pick and pack, label and pre-sort the orders into each country.

Arrange Air Mail and Customs.

We offer a one-price solution for all European destinations.

Our client has been able to close a number of warehouses in Europe.

Our postal rates are amazingly competitive.

Our client also enjoys saving on VAT / TVA.

International Department Store Group with stores in three European Countries.

Logistic Brothers:
Arrange collection from their preferred Chinese manufactures.

Each product line is divided into two parts.

One part in prepared for sea freight destined for our clients own European warehouse.

The second part is packed store-by-store to a pre advised "scale-out" profile.

Logistic Brothers arrange the delivery of each stores allocation by air freight.

Our client experiences an amazing saving in time in getting goods from manufacturer in to retail, savings on pick and pack fees, savings on freight costs.

Dealer of Overstock and Deletions of CDs, DVDs and PC Games Currently running 37,500 SKUs.

Logistic Brothers:
Unpack and stock check goods from each container.

Collect Bar Code / UPC and product information and advise our Client List damaged and unsalable products.

Advise of heavy and or bulky products which may have been delivered.

Arrange packaging materials.

Warehouse, rack and list stock by location.

Pick and Pack orders which and sent by batch twice per day.

Pre sort mail per country.

Add CN22 and any Customs Forms which may be required.

Arrange dispatch via Air Mail.

Our client enjoys the advantageous of huge VAT savings.

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